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March 13, 2021 | 1:00PM | Ashern, MB
Interlake Cattlemen's Co-op (Ashern Auction Mart)

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The Cow is the Foundation
of Beef Production

Matrons that can CONSISTENTLY produce calves at the lowest possible cost and expenditure of labor give the highest possible and longest lasting Net Returns. Edie Creek Angus is using a select few strains of the Angus breed that for generations have focused on the mother cow. Easy fleshing, good uddered, fertile, intelligent parent stock. These Genetic Strains are proven to produce Gourmet Grassfed beef and have used Linebreeding as a tool to insure Prepotency in their progeny.

Our Herdsires produce cattle that we believe will help ranchers be more profitable. They were not selected because they did well in a show barn, or because some one with a big marketing budget pushed them on us.

We breed cattle that work in the real commercial world. We do not multiply the most popular genetics of the day. We select cattle based on function and phenotype, moderate-framed productive cattle that will last a long time, and thereby provide the greatest net return to ranchers.

Stacking these genetics will result in owning cattle that can be finished solely on forages and excel in a minimum-input environment.

Our sires represent a desire for balancing the maternal equation. No bull can do everything right. Cow longegvity and maximum yearling weight performance are antagonistic traits. Selecting bulls for carcass traits and yearling weights leads to sacrificing maternal quality and increases frame size in the cowherd (frame-score "creep").

We have chosen to focus on genetics that can create the profitable cowherd factory from which you can later cross with terminal sires to add hybrid vigor performance and the "flavour of the day" in hide colour. Doing this will create a functional, long-living cowherd that will wean calves at the highest efficiency in your commercial ranch environment.

Moderate - Maternal - Easy Calving - Easy Fleshing

We believe that focusing on these traits has the most Financial Impact on the cow-calf producer's bottom line.

     Welcome to our home on the web from Jonathan, Stefan, and Herman Bouw and families!  We at Edie Creek Angus & Bouw Farms are very excited to have a website for folks to learn about our cattle and breeding philosophies, the Union Forage Seeds we are representing and that you share our excitement about regenerative agriculture. 

     We hope you enjoy grazing through our site, and that you’ll contact us to arrange a tour or to talk more about Profitable Beef Production, and how we can improve your bottom line with our beef genetics and the novel Forage production practices we’ve tried!

     Located 20 miles east of Winnipeg, MB, Edie Creek Angus is your source for affordable, performance tested, forage-efficient herdsires...
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